Living Lab 12: e-CMR

Location: Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania and Greece.

Living lab type: Supply chain digitalization through digital CMR note

Partners involved
Main lead, all full partners, associated partners and third party companies/organisation)

ITS corridors affected:

  1. Facilitation of trade to the East – involved partners: OFAE (GRE), UNTRR (ROM)
  2. Integrating the Balkans – involved partners: UNTRR (ROM), CCIS (SER)
  3. From Med to Central Europe – involved partners: OFAE (GRE), CCIS (SER), BGL (GER)
  4. The Central Europe axis – involved partners: BGL (GER), CES (CZE)


LL 12 will showcase the potential of digitalization in transport and its contribution in increasing the visibility across the supply chain of national and cross-border operations across Europe through the use of digital freight transport documents.

LL12 will focus on several corridors in Europe which, from recent AEOLIX investigations, have resulted as network-wise critical for freight transport operations in Europe in order to address the greater scope of digital freight transport documents.

In freight transportation, going digital offers a largely unexplored potential for decreasing operational and administrative costs and errors, and enforcing legislation in an efficient way. LL12 will explore and pilot the use of electronic freight transport documents focusing on e-CMR, and the multi-faceted benefits entailed therein.

As electronic freight transport documents are not accepted by all involved stakeholders and entities in the supply chain, paper documents are still dominant in freight transport operations.  LL12 will raise the awareness on the current barriers and deploy activities to support the acceptance and the use of electronic freight transport documents through its testing across 4 European corridors.

The AEOLIX platform is crucial for addressing these needs and the achievement of these objectives. It is through AEOLIX that the involved entities will gain visibility and be able to share and access business related data and information in a secure way in a trusted environment. AEOLIX will act as the enabler of this information transaction and will facilitate the access of the related entities to it. As with all data that will be handled in AEOLIX, the ownership remains with the entities involved and not with the platform. The same will go for the e-CMR service. The e-CMR service that will be used in LL12 will be offered through the AEOLIX toolkit where approx. 100 freight transport operations are envisaged to be conducted for each respective corridor involving the consignor (shipper, freight forwarder), the carrier (transport operator) and the consignee.

Target users and companies

Freight Forwarders, Carriers; Shipping Companies; Customs and control Authorities

Long term benefits

  1. Significant reduction of administration work due to reduced data entry, no paper handling, no fax/letter/scan exchanges, no archiving, faster invoicing, real-time access to information and to proof of pick-up and delivery. Expected reduction: 3 to 4 times less effort to be evaluated in temporal and monetary KPIs.
  2. Reduced inspection time due to faster access to information, faster back-end research and cross-check on behalf of road authorities. Expected reduction: up to 7% less time on the overall transport (from pick-up to delivery and finally to invoicing) –  be evaluated in digital vs. paper-based operations during LL operations
  3. Environmental friendlier operations due to less sheets of paper issued and carried. Expected reduction: only regarding vehicles transport, 135  tonnes of wood are used for the paper documents carried. Results to be extrapolated in other business sectors based on LL operations