Docks the Future Midterm Conference titled “Envisioning the Port of the Future: the 2030 horizon” will be held in Trieste on April 4th, hosted by the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea. The conference will be the turning point to present the project results achieved thus far, validating concepts, topics and targets for the Port of the Future. During the afternoon, a session focusing on Regional Focus about “Ports of Trieste Vision 2030” will be organised, presenting its main EU projects for the development as a “Smart Port” and the ICT Strategy of the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea.  AEOLIX will be presented among other projects by the Living Lab 4 partners – University of Trieste.

This event will be an opportunity to present the Intermodal e-customs Living lab situated in Trieste to local and national stakeholders in Italy. The Midterm Conference, with a foreseen attendance of nearly 150 participants, will promote fundamental panels for the future competitiveness of European ports, such as global climate mitigation strategy and the Suez Canal after the recent expansion. Moreover, the Conference will set up a focus about Baltic Sea Region (BSR) transport & logistics foresight study and a general outlook of maritime traffic flows by 2030.

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