On Monday 15 April, Living Labs 2 and 7 were presented to about 30 Swedish participants in Gothenburg representing shippers, forwarders, authorities, SME:s, and the automotive sector. Dr Per Olof Arnäs and Professor Gunnar Stefansson from Chalmers University of Technology presented the main results of the project. 

Johan Nortoft from Mymo Addons presented LL2 and demonstrated their solution. He also showed how the shared data could be converted into tweets in just two minutes. Mymo Addons, a small startup working with AEOLIX partner NTEX, have adopted the platform and have used it to develop their company and their business. 

Kjell Håkansson from Coop Logistik demonstrated how the AEOLIX platform is used to manage gate assignments and ETA information at their facility. AEOLIX has proven very useful also for them.  All in all, the AEOLIX breakfast workshop was a very good session with very interested audience which asked many questions and showed interest.