The 13th European ITS Congress took place from 3 to 6 June 2019 in Eindhoven’s Evoluon centre with various demonstrations and side events in the neighbour ITS pioneer city Helmond. It was an exciting week for the ITS Community with networking and collaboration opportunities but also a congress full of interesting and groundbreaking presentations, technical and scientific papers, panel discussion and many more!

Many are already familiar with AEOLIX and what is stands for. AEOLIX has been presented at many congresses before (ITS WC Copenhagen 2019, ITS EU Strasbourg 2017 and ITS WC Montreal 2017 and ITS WC Melbourne 2016) but this time it was the last congress for AEOLIX to participate as a European funded project. AEOLIX had a booth as part of the ERTICO stand in the Evoluon dome where participants could come and talk to AEOLIX partners and discuss the latest technologies in logistics and how to ensure data visibility in the supply chain using AEOLIX.

The stand silent disco stage was an excellent opportunity to also present AEOLIX to those participants who could not attend the congress technical and special interest sessions. Maria Pia Fanti, POLIBA presented AEOLIX on Wednesday 5 June and showed the participants the first results of the AEOLIX Living Lab 4 – Trieste LL4. Due to the urban location of the Trieste Port without sufficient possibility of development, the Intermodal e-Customs Living Lab addresses two main issues: the improvement of the customs procedures and the enhancement of the intermodal transport efficiency and quality.

On Thursday, 6 June, Nikos Tsampieris, ERTICO, presented a technical paper looking into the future and beyond AEOLIX in the technical session TS37 Added value from new services. The purpose of the paper was to present how it is possible to  develop and implement a European Federated Network of Information exchange in Future Logistics – AEOLIX and to increase the willingness of the logistics companies to take electronic data interchange into use, to accelerate information system development processes and to decrease costs of information system integration by creating a common international recommendation for exchanging information.

On the same morning, the AEOLIX workshop also took place in the ERTICO workshop room. The session focused on highlighting supply chain visibility and use of large logistics related information as an important issue for the deployment of pan-European logistics solutions.  Eusebiu Catana, AEOLIX project coordinator and ERTICO Senior Manager organised and moderated the workshop which proved that AEOLIX, a new ICT platform, is able to achieve a cloud based cooperative logistics ecosystem.

Maria Pia Fanti, POLIBA is working on Living Lab 4 Trieste in the AEOLIX project. She presented how the  AEOLIX platform is fully implemented in Trieste Living Lab and can be integrated with Living Lab of Bordeaux with better and protected information exchange.

Louahdi Khoudour, CEREMA presented evaluation results of AEOLIX in Living Lab of Bordeaux including mainly truck drivers doing a trip. The results showed some interesting statistics – almost 60% truck drivers need AEOLIX services when starting the trip.

Georgia Aifantopolou, CERTH/HIT presented the AEOLIX approach as federative plaform for secured data sharing and ecosystem management creating added value of the data. She also explained how AEOLIX and SELIS platform are working and collaborating together to prove interoperability of these two platforms.

Asif Akram, CHALMERS looked into the findings of the Delphi study on the impact of emerging technologies and trends in different sectors including industry, transport and research. He explained that collaboration and green logistics technologies need still 3-10 years for full take up according to the industry.

AEOLIX project is in its third and final year. On 26 June the project will have its final event in Hamburg, one of Europe’s largest and oldest ports and Living Lab of key importance for AEOLIX where it will present its final results. For more information, please visit the page: AEOLIX FINAL EVENT.