Two of our partners, Alan Lewis, Smart Freight Centre and Liam Fassam, University of Northampton, have been invited to discuss freight and logistics as part of the ITS4Climate conference which took place in Bordeaux, France from 17 to 19 September 2019. The ITS 4 Climate conference is the 1st international congress on smart mobility and climate change.

Smart Freight Centre’s technical director Alan Lewis spoke about how ITS systems can improve calculation and reporting of logistics emissions through data. Alan Lewis presented AEOLIX as part of his paper “Data Integration to Support Decarbonizing Freight and Logistics Management” in workshop 4, Decarbonising freight transport & logistics at the ITS 4 Climate conference. During the sessions, AEOLIX has been upheld as as an exemplar of a starting point of connected supply chain interchange. 

Liam Fassam, supply chain academic at University of Northampton and AEOLIX LL8 leader was invited as expert for Freight and Logistics and session chair for decarbonising logistics.