25th ITS World Congress was a major event for the transport community with over 10 000 participants from over 90 countries. During the five days of the congress transport professionals, city representatives, technology suppliers and many more met to discuss the groundbreaking trends and showcase the latest research across more than 200 sessions and 400 exhibitors.

Like many other H2020 funded projects, AEOLIX could not miss the opportunity to be present at this excellent event and showcase its revolutionary logistics data sharing network. AEOLIX was presented in various sessions throughout the week both as part of the official congress programme and at the ERTICO – ITS Europe booth and its own AEOLIX stand.

The week started with Thomas Desseilles, ERTICO – ITS Europe, presented AEOLIX at the ERTICO stand. Thomas gave a general overview of the project and showed how AEOLIX network can ensure end-to-end visibility of the supply chain.

Today, the logistics market place is fragmented with many different proprietary systems which don’t communicate to each other. AEOLIX can fix that be opening translating the data format into a unique data language “spoken” by all parties. – Thomas Desseilles, ERTICO – ITS Europe


Logistics companies have to now demonstrate their corporate social responsibility by enclosing full information on the provenance and trajectory of goods.


Two AEOLIX papers have also been presented at the technical sessions of the congress focusing on improving freight flows. Iraklis Stamos, IRU Projects, presented the paper “Market Opportunities, Barriers and Solutions For Logistics Innovation Platforms” which gives an analysis of barriers that could be potentially harmful for the system deployment and future success of logistics platforms.  Each barrier is prioritized under various perspectives in terms of whether and when a consortium should deal with it (all those barriers that are both likely to appear, difficulty to deal with when they appear, and having a potentially significant impact for the AEOLIX system deployment).

Iraklis Stamos, IRU Projects and Manuela Flachi, ERTICO – ITS Europe at the AEOLIX stand.



Eusebiu Catana, ERTICO – ITS Europe,  presented another technical paper entitled “TM 2.0 – DATEX II for logistics applications” in session “Improving freight flows – logistics and smart data”. The purpose of the paper was to demonstrate the development and implementation of DATEX II for logistics operations based on data model development presented for the Port of Trieste. The next steps are for AEOLIX and TM 2.0 to liaise and work together with DATEX II community to explore ways how this extension of DATEX II in the hinterland connections will take place.

Eusebiu Catana present DATEX II and how AEOLIX platform can be used to demonstrate the data exchange among the stakeholders .


Port of the Future towards Automation

One of the highlighted events during the ITS World Congress undoubtedly the Port of the Future session which brought together ports from around the world, solution providers and public authorities  to discuss the ‘’future trends’’ of the next generation port focusing on hinterland connections, automation technologies like truck platooning for ports, terminals and highway. This session also presented the innovation objects of COREALIS project.

The strong panel started with Phanthian Zuesongdham, Port of Hamburg who emphasized the need to create real solutions for the Ports of the Future and foster innovation including  transformation of the whole processes and not only technology. Representing one of the most important and biggest world ports, Bao Wu of Port of Qingdao presented the algorithm for intelligent scheduling and yard plan while Paolo Pagano of Port of Livorno presented a new model for general cargo handling integrated with Moni.C.A. Anders Bonander (VOLVO) introduced VERA – an autonomous vehicles that forms part of a larger systems with potential to optimise transport in highly repetitive, short distance flows with large volumes of goods (ports, factory areas and logistics mega centres). Mike Kopczynski representing CISCO showed the willingness of the tech giant to cooperate in this field with enthusiasm and curiosity. Ralf Grigutsch, T-Systems which is also a partner of AEOLIX project presented T-Systems latest developments for logistics needs such as IoT for shipment and monitoring of goods and the making of the Digital Innovation Hub.


ITS for shipping, ports and logistics and ensuring a network data exchange

Late afternoon was reserved for two sessions on ITS for shipping, ports and logistics  which were both focused on AEOLIX. The first session was organised by Fotis Karamitsos and looked into ITS from the shipping and port operators point of view whilst examining these operations from the shippers and freight forwarders perspective. Global trade requires seamless transport chains from the point of departure until the final delivery of the goods. In this, shipping and ports operations play a key role: they depend on harmonised, interoperable ICT systems on a global scale. In this session, Lina Konstantinopoulou presented the AEOLIX data sharing network but also the point of view of different stakeholders including also public authorities who are present in the project.

The second part included various presentations and discussion by speakers already known to AEOLIX representing the European Commission – Szymon Oscislowski who presented the Digitial Transport & Logistics Forum (DTLF) in which AEOLIX also takes part. The session was strongly focused on the need to overcome fragmentation in logistics industry through a global platform available to every actor of the supply chain and capable of providing several secured services (e.g., interoperability of data, compatibility of tools, integration of standards, shared dashboard). The needs and expectations of the different stakeholders have been presented and discussed. Nikos Tsampieris presented the SELIS project which is working towards a shared European logistics intelligent information space. German Herrero, Atos who is also a work package leader in AEOLIX presented the point of view of solution providers. Iraklis Stamos represented the International Road Union and emphasized the needs of the truckers when it comes to efficiency and user friendliness of the AEOLIX platform. The session finished with a few questions from the audience who was given out AEOLIX dissemination materials. The upcoming AEOLIX TESTFEST taking place in Bratislava at the Mondelez Control Centre has been communicated and promoted to the audience interested in attending AEOLIX events.

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