AEOLIX held its TESTFEST “logistics data sharing platform release 2.0 “ on Wednesday,  24 October 2018 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The event kicked off with a speech by Strahil Ravaliev, Manager of the Mondelez Load Control Centre who welcomed around 50 participants to the Mondelez premises. Mondelez, the host of this TESTFEST is the leader the AEOLIX Living Lab 11 focusing on streamlining information exchange between its international stakeholders in order to reduce direct costs of management, waiting of assets and lost sales. Presenting the point of one of the worlds’ largest snack companies, Mr Ravaliev stressed the importance of efficient and cooperative logistics systems for a satisfied final consumer.

Next  followed the short presentation of the AEOLIX project and the TESTFEST concept by Eusebiu Catana and Peter Schmitting of ERTICO-ITS Europe. The last introductory presentation was reserved for German Herrero, ATOS, who presented the latest trends and concerns in the logistics sphere including the significant uptake of digitalisation and well as implementing of environmentally friendly strategies for the supply chain.  After the introduction German also presented the AEOLIX platform architecture and its requirements and specifications.

The afternoon continued with AEOLIX Living Lab demonstrations. All Living Labs (with the exception of the newly launched Living Lab 12 on eCMR have showcased their challenges and how they are using the AEOLIX platform to address them. Click below to read a summary of all Living Labs demonstrations.

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The TESTFEST demonstrations began with Living Lab 3 – Thessaloniki focusing on multimodal information exchange and collaboration. The successful case study was presented by Georgios Emmanouilidis, Thessaloniki Chamber Of Commerce and Industry.

Jon Hogstrom presented the Living Lab 2, whose main objective is to digitise the load and unload handling to enable better traceability in the supply chain. He demonstrated how the terminals NTEX and MyMo are being digitalised and can now receive and share data, manage traceability and effective handling as well as high quality information and statistics.

Catrina Sinescu presented the Living Lab 5 entitled Inland Waterway Danube. The AEOLIX Danube Living Lab is developing and improving information flows by achieving a more accurate level of information exchange between different stakeholders involved in the transport process on the Danube waterway.

Kjell Håkansson, COOP Sweden presented the Living Lab 7 – FMCG which is implementing enhanced information sharing between road, rail and terminal operators so that COOP (and others in the same system) to get better data and thereby be able to make better, more informed decisions. Rein Westra, Giventis showed the warehouse view of the dashboard and algorithm used in this Living Lab to get truck data information.

The afternoon continued with the demonstration by Living Lab 10 on collaborative automotive industry. Pablo Mejuto (CTAG), Borja Dapena (CEAGA) and Andrea Becerra (CTAG) presented a simulation of developed application CO-Driver. CO-Trailer is tailored to their users’ uses and it connects to the AEOLIX to benefit of the services of the platform.  Main objective to CO-Trailer is to exchange information and data in order to share logistics routes to improve the competitiveness in the Galician automotive sector.

The demonstration of LL8 was presented by University of Northampton which is also focusing on the problem of supply chain visibility and more specifically four key points – product availability, actual time of departure, carrier ETA and actual time of arrival on the Giventis Dashboard.­­­­­

Living Lab 9 – Jan de Rijk Logistics – Albert Charrel Ernst from Jan de Rijk Logistics presented Living Lab 9  – Collaborative Environment  with its stakeholders GIventis, PTV and TX logistics.The aim of this Living Lab is to enhance network efficiency and effectiveness and the use of cross-chain capacities and realize reduction in overall logistic costs and externalities.

Demonstration of Living Lab 11 –  Bratislava Load Control Centre which is also the host of this TESTFEST saw Zoltan Balogh’s presentation on the AEOLIX Platform in action at Mondelez and the role of the dashboard in ensuring visibility as well as significant savings in terms of transport costs (loading and unloading waiting times).

Third round of demonstration focused on intelligent ports and hubs started with demonstration by Port of Bordeaux of CO2 emissions calculation as well as ETA of trains and vessels in different ports. Management of dangerous goods with DATEX II format has also been demonstrated through electronic documents.

Port of Trieste (Living Lab 4) showed the optimization of customs procedures using AEOLIX and focused on demonstrating the ship information flow in the Dashboard.

Ambition of the Living Lab 1 presented by Ralf Grigutsch, T-Systems is data integration to reduce waste and friction and finally reduce CO2 emissions in order to enhance and to maintain the competitive performance of the port of Hamburg as well as the airport of Frankfurt.

After the full day of Living Lab demonstrations, questions and answers session took place which resulted in a few interesting discussions and general comments from the participants.

“This is the first time participating to such a workshop and it is interesting we are turning to digitalisation  to improve the relation between the shippers and companies. This is a very complex activity and it is important that different stakeholders meet” said a representative of the French Ministry of Transport.

Another participant representing Procter&Gamble was also happy to join the TESTFEST and stated “the goals of AEOLIX are important for business but also have a sustainable cause, especially the electronic consignment notes which can lead to paper saving. Therefore, we are particularly interested in the new Living Lab 12.”

The TESTFEST ended with a presentation by Strahil Ravaliev, Manager of the Mondelez Load Control Centre who gave a detailed presentation on the Load Control Center and how the daily activities are executed in a company with huge traffic like Mondelez.

The next TESTFEST will take place in early April in Thessaloniki. More information will be published on the AEOLIX website soon.