Thirty AEOLIX experts met for a two day Evaluation and data model workshop  on 28 & 29 January at the ERTICO premises in Brussels, Belgium. The first day of the workshop dedicated to “AEOLIX data collection and evaluation” was an opportunity for the project partners to review the project plan, actions items and deliverables. This workshop was convened by Georgia Aifandopoulou, Senior Research at CERTH and WP6 Task Leader. The Living Lab leaders also provided a status report of the Living Labs as well as the impact assessment, socio economic analysis and market penetration overview.

On the second day, during the “AEOLIX Internal Data Model Workshop” convened by Florian Krietsch, PTV Group, the AEOLIX experts discussed the concept and current version and usage for the Internal Data Model (IDM) as well as the certification framework.

The AEOLIX partners are meeting again in the beginning of April for the AEOLIX platform dry-run, general assembly and the highly anticipated Collaborative Innovation Days event with ALICE, SELIS and DG MOVE.