Lina Konstantinopoulou, Head of Transport & Logistics at ERTICO and AEOLIX project coordinator will give a talk about ERTICO’s transport & logistics activities with a special focus on AEOLIX during the “Technology as an Enabler” session on Thursday, 1st March 2018 at the Future Logistics Summit in Manchester, United Kingdom.

More specifically, Lina will talk about  Automation and Logistics, Urban Freight and Delivery as a service and Pan EU platform on data exchange on logistics apps. This event is a great opportunity to discuss key developments in the age of the digitalisation of logistics.

About the Future Logistics Summit

The Future Logistics Summit & Expo is dedicated to the ‘next frontier’ in transport and logistics: the Digitization of Logistics. From robotics to sensors, from autonomous vehicles to augmented reality, the event will look at the ground-breaking developments & solutions in the logistics market and the fast evolving next-generation of technology.

The Future Logistics Summit will look at how manufacturers will be delivering their products and managing their supply chain over the next 10 years, via road, rail, air & sea.

The event will run alongside the Industry 4.0 Summit, which covers key developments in advanced manufacturing solutions, to create one super event that will attract over 400 delegates to learn about the complete future supply chain from design & development, to manufacturing & delivery.